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What is an essay writing service?

An essay writing service is a company that provides customers with quality papers they can use to learn better. For instance, if you pay to write essay on some nursing topic, you need to select certain sources to cite and upload your instructions. An expert will look through them and provide you with a perfect example of what that paper should look like. The document will be sent to your email, so you can assess it. If everything’s right, you can approve the order and use the text you’ve got as a template and a guide for any future works.

With a reliable writing service, you get an opportunity to request edits if anything doesn’t go as you intended. Usually, writing companies try to do that as soon as possible and ask for no extra money for edits. It happens if any of your instructions weren’t followed properly or there are some small imperfections. Responsible services always give customers one or two weeks to ask for such corrections, prioritizing their clients. These companies also give you the possibility to demand your money back if they completely fail to satisfy you. That’s how all honest businesses work, all around the globe.

The mission of PayToWriteEssays.com is to make your search for reliable essay writing sites fast and successful, educating you about possible threats and offering tested services that have already satisfied the demands of hundreds of users. We thoroughly study the experiences that people share and the policies of all writing companies to give you the best of the best. You can select several options that look good and then spend more time studying each site in particular. No matter your decision, you can be sure about your safety and rights as long as you follow the guidance of our site.

ratingsHow do we rate writing services?

Here are several important criteria we use to estimate if the writing service is legit and worthy of your attention. Let’s take a look at these points.

  • Qualified experts. First, we look at the people who start working on your order as soon as you pay to write essay. Is their English good enough? Is there an opportunity to hire a native speaker? Are there experienced writers you can choose for better results? If the answers to all these questions are positive, we continue to evaluate that company, but if it fails to meet these criteria, we start looking for other services that are truly reliable.
  • Responsive support team. We pay attention to this aspect because good customer support service ensures that all your questions and problems will be resolved as soon as possible. It’s also important to have different modes of communication with the operators. Ideally, you should be able to write or call them at any hour.
  • Guarantees for customers. Trustworthy writing services must offer guarantees of privacy, along with 100% plagiarism-free texts. Moreover, we always check if every company we review offers free revisions and a fair money-back guarantee.
  • A broad range of services. We always prefer companies that don’t stop at just writing sample papers. They should also offer editing and proofreading services. Aside from making the site more reliable, these opportunities also show that experts are real professionals who aren’t afraid of various challenges and tasks.
  • Additional features. There are various add-ons that can make your sample paper easy to follow and learn. These include explanations of structural parts, copies of all sources cited there, and other vital things. We choose the sites that have such features because we think you deserve the best and because such options can ensure excellent results.

dangerThe dangers of buying essays online

t’s always a little worrying to do something for the first time. The cases when people pay to write essay aren’t exceptions, which means that there might be underlying dangers. They mostly stem from choosing the wrong site that turns out to be a scam. Let’s see what characteristics should put you on high alert. These signs scream that it’s better to turn around and look for something else.

An obvious danger goes from the sites that claim they’ll give you a well-written essay for free. That will never be true because of how much time and effort every single paper demands to become ideal. Such sites will either try to make you pay a suspiciously low price for non-original content or just send you some standard example you could have found on Course Hero. Steer clear from such services because good offers are elsewhere. Sites without policies or obligations that ask you to pay in advance are also dangerous. They use the fact that honest services may also require pre-payment, so sites without policies cheat the students who are ready to transfer their money. The trespassers trap inattentive people so that you have no legal reasons to issue complaints against them if anything goes wrong.

It’s really important to treat your paper as an example, citing all evidence. Some students write great papers using the samples they get from essay writing services, but they forget to create in-text or bibliography citations like in those essays, ending up with lower marks. You should be extra attentive to plagiarism and proofread your own works or ask professionals to do that for you before submitting the final version. PayToWriteEssays.com allows you to avoid most of those troubles. Sure, we don’t guarantee that you won’t make any mistakes while working with your samples but we can help you find the best and safest company to provide those example papers.

whyWhy pay people to write essays

That’s an important question for multiple learners, especially for those who study well. Many youngsters ask, “can’t I do that on my own?” or “aren’t the explanations of my professors good enough?” Here are several reasons why it’s better to pay to write essay sometimes.

  • Saving time. When you need to write a paper from scratch, you must spend hours gathering information and researching the topic. That’s not an option for many working students, let alone the people who are trying to get their second degree. Hence, a good example can provide you with the ground for that text, so you’ll need much less time for preparation. That’s a good reason to order an essay online.
  • Teaching you the rules of formal structure. People who are just beginning their education often struggle with citation styles and have trouble building effective paragraphs. Many of them can’t just imagine what their instructors want, they need to see the real result, not some example with a text in Latin. That’s where professional examples can come in handy.
  • Making preparation for classes easier. When you need to conduct thorough research and create a PowerPoint presentation to show the results to your colleagues, all in one night, it can seem an impossible challenge. However, good examples enable you to spend less time grasping how it should work and create what’s needed nearly effortlessly.
  • Upgrading your skills. Many people who buy papers aren’t new to education, but they still need guidance, although they already have the basic skills. That happens because the tasks get more and more difficult with every new semester, and one needs to learn more intricate formats and ways of conveying their thoughts. Customized guidance will never hurt there.

shieldHow to stay safe when paying for essay writing service

Giving up your money for the result that isn’t there yet is often great stress. People can make costly mistakes when their nerves are on edge, so it’s important to avoid that state. Let’s see how all kinds of customers can pay to write essay safely and without trouble.

First off, read all money-related policies on the website you’re about to use. Pay attention to the basic terms of service and study how that organization handles payment processing. Safety measures include the possibility to transfer money from your debit or credit card through the protected channels. Secure technology should be in place, and you should be able to issue an official complaint if something goes wrong. Secondly, make sure support operators are available. Those people can guide you through the payment process, you just need to be confident that they’ll answer when you call or text them. If you don’t feel that you understand all the details, it’s better to read the comments from the customers like you or test that team yourself.

Third, be attentive when you input your personal data. If something goes wrong, you have to check if all the numbers are correct before calling for help. Sometimes fixing a simple misprint is all there is to it, so you don’t have to strain your nerves. Last but not least, check the refund policy. Try to determine if the conditions the company offers correspond to how you see that for yourself. If there are questions, don’t hesitate to ask them to the support team before making that payment. As an old saying goes, better safe than sorry.

Legitimate writing services

When you decide to pay to write essay, it’s important to find specific resources you can really trust. That’s why we’ve prepared a brief selection of the most trusted and well-tested services that have been getting the approval of customers for a long time. Here they are.


The first of the legitimate writing services on this list is RapidEssay.com. With the prices that start at just $10 per page, this website has multiple advantages. First off, their essays are really rapid since the shortest deadline is 4 hours, although you can set a longer one, up to 14 days. Secondly, there’s custom formatting and a complete originality guarantee, so you can be sure about the outcomes. Moreover, this site covers 80+ subjects, which is why the experts working there can help practically anyone with real professionalism.


This site stresses confidentiality, one of the cornerstone features of all writing services. The customers feel they can trust this company, especially since it’s got a reliable money-back guarantee. The quality is really high here because you can request any formatting style you need for free, getting a fully customized paper where can i pay someone to write my essaywith every needed detail. Having been on the market since 2013, this organization is time-tested, so it can provide you with the best essays possible. All you need to do is place an order and give the expert the details.


This organization claims to write outstanding papers, and the reviews from customers support that statement. After all, the average rating that this site gets is 8.5/10, which is really high for any service where you pay to write essay. That’s not astounding because the experts working for Writing-Help.com almost never miss their deadlines, delivering 98.47% of orders on time. On top of that, the clients here enjoy free revisions and instantly viewable samples that illustrate what they’re paying for. You can order delivery in parts for large assignments or pay at once, which is extremely convenient, too. Overall, this organization is really user-friendly.


There are multiple advantages to this transparent and honest site. Let’s begin with the fact that you never have to make the upfront payments there. With Bid4Papers, you pay for what you’ve already received, which makes this service extremely trustworthy. Another advantage is a built-in plagiarism checker you can use to ensure the originality of the essay you’ve got from the expert. If that’s not useful, what is? You can also directly contact the specialist to remind them about important instructions or explain something. That way, the essay you’ll receive is likely to be perfect without any revisions. That’s why this site is non-typical but very good.


According to the testimonials, this one combines good papers with nice service. Add the affordable prices that EasyEssay.us can definitely offer, and you’ll see why people like this company. You can pay to write essay here, but you can also get a customized research paper, assignment, or thesis. On top of that, you can actually view the samples grouped according to the subject and the academic level, so you’ll understand which parameters you need to select to get precisely what you require. Statistics of various disciplines are also accessible, so don’t hesitate to view them and draw your conclusions. This company isn’t ashamed of its achievements, a certain sign that you can safely cooperate with it.


Is essay writing service legal?

Like any other service, it’s legal for as long as that site honors the rights of consumers and pays attention to your needs. Safety is also important, so we check all the companies we represent for reliability, and only offer you the organizations that have fair money-back policies. That’s why you can feel secure when you pay people to write essays.

Will the essay writer follow my instructions?

They will! That’s the foundation of a successful writing service. However, the PayToWriteEssays team never underestimates the human factor, which means we understand that all writers can make mistakes. That’s why we ensure that each of the represented organizations has beneficial revision policies that make corrections accessible after you pay to write essay and receive a result that needs improvements.

How fast can you write my paper?

This question is more complex than it seems. The deadlines usually range from 6 hours to 14 days. Nevertheless, the time frames directly influence how much you pay for essays. Logically, most services require more money for more urgent work, so it’s useful to keep that in mind and order in advance to economize.

Can you get caught buying essays?

We only offer you the services that uphold the highest levels of confidentiality. We know you need to be sure about your personal data when you ask, “can I pay someone to write my essay?” Hence, you’ll only find the links to tested businesses on our platform.

Should I pay for your essay writing in advance?

Yes, that’s right. In most cases, the work on your order begins as soon as you pay to write essay. Still, you should never worry about your money because we never include scammers in our lists. Furthermore, you can ask for your money back at any time while working with legitimate companies.

Do services use copied content when writing my essay?

If by copied content you mean reselling previously written works, then the companies we present never do that. We invest a lot of time and effort in finding each safe essay writing service, so we know what we’re talking about. The only copied content writers may use is small quotes that have all proper credits that ensure there’s no plagiarism in the paper.

Is my personal data safe when you write my essay?

The personal data you need to order a paper usually includes your phone number, email address, and payment details. We make sure you don’t have to worry about the safety of that information while using an essay writing service. It’s one of the utmost priorities of the PayToWriteEssays team.